Take Out Egg Rolls – Chop Suey Inn

The best Egg Rolls in Birmingham are made on Green Springs at the Chop Suey Inn. The other food is good but I don’t have a favorite. However, the egg rolls keep me returning to this hole in the wall. They must be homemade and are lightly fried. Besides the cabbage they include some meat and shrimp. I also like the hot mustard and sweet and sour they give you. It is not the prepackaged stuff, they are little containers of the yellow and red table bottle. If you like egg rolls these are worth a drive.

(205) 942-9782
Chop Suey Inn
813 Green Springs Hwy
Birmingham, AL 35209

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  1. these egg rolls are amazing we normaly go pick some up for sunday lunch and everyone is fighting for the last one!!!!!!!!!!!

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