Gobbler at Momma Goldberg’s w Nachos

This is a step out, the Momma’s Love had called me back for decades but today I am recommending the Gobbler. You can’t go wrong with either. Ever since the late 80′s Momma Goldberg’s has held a special place in my heart. Rarely would I go past Auburn and not stop in for a Momma’s Love. The little run down house, broken furniture, pool table and the smell of last nights beer spills would start calling my name as soon as I was East of Lochapoka. When I was told one would open in Homewood (where I work) I could not wait.

I will admit a franchise Momma Goldberg’s is a different experience (no pool table and no last nights beer smell) but the steamed sandwiches are a welcome treat anywhere. For a brief period I was very frustrated with the way you order and get your food. It’s very unnerving. It leaves you feeling like you just had a MickeyD’s drive thru conversation and not sure if they were speaking English. But after a year or so I have it under control.

BIG TIP (for those who need assurance): Find someone behind the counter and make eye contact. Tell them your order and repeat it if you feel they were talking to someone while you ordered. Then go and pay. Sit down in a place where you can reestablish eye contact with the guy who has your order. Keep looking at him. Eventually he will call out your sandwich and place it on the counter. If he is cooking Nachos for you keep and eye on him. He will make a trip over to the Nacho steamer and come back with your Nachos. Again he will call out Nachos and it’s your time to go and get them. It’s critical to keep making eye contact. That’s your reassurance. If he thinks you’re through and you keep looking he will verify you have everything. If he missed something he will make it quickly.

Why the Gobbler? It’s a combination of turkey, pepperoni and American cheese on a honey wheat bun – with the spicy mustard, lettuce, tomato, mayo and momma’s sauce (similar to Italian dressing). You can leave the mayo off if you want to feel better about having pepperoni on your turkey sandwich. The whole thing is steamed to a moist perfection. I ordered it one day to be healthy, turkey is healthy right? But that pepperoni and honey wheat combo keeps calling me back. Enjoy!

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