Turkey Crunch at Urban Cookhouse

My goal with this blog is to share lunch foods that I return to a restaurant to enjoy again and again.  Some restaurants make this task difficult by having too many great items on the menu.  Urban Cookhouse falls into this catagory.  Too many good things to choose.  Its also very busy at lunch and more of a chick place.  Two characteristics which normally would keep me away but I just keep going back. 

Although I classify it as a chick place they have some man style food.  The Chipotle Braised Pork is hearty and the yeast rolls they use to make the sandwiches rock.  This was my first meal at Urban Cookhouse and it is responsible for my many returns.  The Broccoli Salad is a great way to enjoy the nutrient rich veggie. Combine these two and you feel like you ate a healthy meal.  If you don’t care to feel healthy order the Hot Cheddar Pasta instead of the Broccoli Salad.  It’s some great stick to your ribs mac and cheese, delicious.

You already have enough reasons to go but I want to recomend another healthy combo,  the Turkey Crunch w/ Roasted Veggies.  Its unlike anything out there and it feels healthy.  The sandwich has a hot-sweet mustard on it which gives it a kick.  The turkey is jucy and smokey, I love it.  The roasted veggies have a wonderful garlic flavor and are served al dente.  These two locally grown options are awesome together and will have you returning for more.

Urban Cookhouse is cool, very local and sustainable.  I call it a chick joint but that probably is not fair, it’s not a tea room.  They have a great menu of all types of items that will appeal to anyone with taste buds.  They are prepared for a long line and they make it move fast.  This place is well worth the fight for parking and a little time in line to eat.  If those issues turn you off; go eat at 11:15am, just before the rush begins.

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