Otey’s Blackened Chicken Sandwich

When most people put a chicken sandwich on the menu it is an after thought. Otey’s RodneyBlackened Chicken Sandwich is no after thought.  Prepared with love by Rodney, using Chef Paul’s red fish blackening spice, it is amazing.


 Blk Chick

There is not a bun big enough and the addition of cole slaw and a slice of fresh tomato is a perfect compliment to the hot spicy chicken.  I don’t have a favorite side item at Otey’s, they are all good.  I wish there was a healthy option but since there isn’t – get fries, chips and homemade salsa or the Parmesan pasta salad.



Otey’s is in the Crestline village of Mountain Brook.  It’s tucked behind the Piggly Wiggly.


205-871-8435 224 Country Club Park  Birmingham, AL 35213


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