Very Veggie @ Slice in Lakeview

Pizza has always been a treat for the kids when we go out somewhere nice.  It’s a great birthday item at Chucky Cheese or a treat at Jim Davenports as you get up to speed on the latest body art. But this is a lunch web site can one eat pizza for lunch?  Yes, by the slice.  Just opened in Lakeview (downtown by St Vincents) is a very nice pizza shop called Slice.

Slice was made for beer and pizza.  It’s so simple yet elegant,  The pizza oven is a work of art and it produces the best stone baked crust I have ever had.  They have 10 local beers on tap and a long list of bottled beer.  The current menu has 16 pizzas.  I would not call them gourmet pizzas although they have gourmet toppings.  These are just good pizzas made to look and taste like pizza.

I suggest bringing a friend and sharing two. Plan to take the left over home for lunch.  Yep, left over pizza.  I can not think of a better lunch.  If that is not your speed they are open for lunch and serve pizza by the slice.

My current favorite is the Very Veggie.  It’s not leading by much, the crust is a big factor in the goodness so all the pizzas have that going for them.  This veggie pizza has 3 types of peppers and one is jalapeno!  It’s a spicy veggie pizza and I love it!

The place is run by three brothers who have lots of pizza and food experience.  You can tell they care about their product.  Every visit we get quizzed for our thoughts on the food.  Last Thursday night they had a little outdoor entertainment, it was nice and relaxing.  I can not wait to go back again.

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