Nadia’s Meatloaf @ Sol’s Sandwich and Deli Shop

What is comfort?  I’m not sure.  But I do know comfort food and Sol’s is the place to go.  I have been a fan of Sol’s since it opened but I have not been able to post a lunch recommendation.  The trouble has been I keep ordering something different.  My goal on this blog is to recommend a lunch that you will crave.  One that will call you back again and again.

This menu is full of great options so it has taken me some time to develop one specific craving.  I can eat healthy, the salads and blackened fish are high on the healthy list.  There are also some tasty sandwiches -  Patty Melt, Mexicali, Cuban and I even had something called a Manhattan which was great.  They have top of the line staples like the Super Sol (cheeseburger) and a Philly that will make you smile.  It is just too much.  I wonder how they can do so many things well.

A few warnings – Sometimes the line is long, which is a good sign.  Additionally, If you are with a group your food comes out as soon as it is ready.  If some of you order a meat and three it will be there fast. If others order something more complex they will get to watch you eat.  This can be awkward for everyone.

Now for the food – hands down – its the daily meat and veggies.  If fresh homemade veggies are something you enjoy Sol’s is a home run.  If you visit enough you will soon get to know the little lady in the kitchen, Nadia.  She gets up at the crack of dawn every day and pours her love into the daily specials.  It is not often today when you find someone who cares so much about quality.  It’s good to know she is teaching her boys how to make food with pride.  Leading by example!

Nadia's meatloafMy recommendation – meatloaf – with the incredible tangy red sauce.  You have to order  potatoes because they were up early that morning cleaning, boiling and smashing them just for you.  The other two options are variable – lima beans or field peas are good options.  One day I ordered early peas, not knowing they were army peas, and now I get them every time they are on the menu.  They are fresh and light,  yumm.

All of the veggies are light and tasty – they are made by hand with fresh locally sourced produce picked out by Nadia.  She cares about her food and you can taste it.

If you can’t get there on a meatloaf day – try the hamburger steak its my second favorite.  Third, the Cuban.  Don’t be afraid to try a special, they have all been good.  There are really lots of great options.  Enjoy!

Check out their facebook page to get the daily fresh menu –

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