Shrimp Sandwich at Saw’s Soul Kitchen

One of my all time favorite things to eat in the world is fried shrimp.  But, I find it rare to get good fried shrimp north of I-10 so I usually just take a pass, especially in Birmingham.  And please don’t put a shrimp po-boy on your menu without understanding the elements of a shrimp po-boy.  I digress.

One of my recent favorite places to eat has been Saw’s Soul Kitchen in Avondale.  I am continuously amazed at 3 things, the cost, the line and the food.  It’s crazy expensive, folks line up from 11am till 2pm and everything I have eaten there is crafted with passion.  The unexpected treats at Saw’s Soul Kitchen are the  seafood options.  Grouper, oyster and shrimp are regulars on the menu and I have even see a softshell crab BLT when in season.

I found my self driving back downtown today just for a shrimp sandwich, I knew it was time to write her up.  I think if they had called it a po-boy, and not had Gambio’s bread, I would have turned away.  This little treat is on a bun that is there just so they can call it a sandwich.  Otherwise it’s a pile of perfectly seasoned shrimp (south of I-10 seasoned), lettuce, tomato, pickles and a mayo/tarter type dressing that brings it all together.  As far as sides go – have your pick they are all good.

Bring your patience, your wallet and someone with you that loves good food.  This is a place to enjoy food.
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