Large Cheeseburger "all the way" @ Sammy’s

sammys(19)sammys(21)Most people who know me, understand when I say “I am going to Sammy’s”, that I am going for a cheeseburger.  It’s the best cheeseburger anywhere.  I know, lots of places have good cheeseburgers and some people do very creative things with cheeseburgers, but to me a cheeseburger doesn’t need anything weird – bun, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato a little onion and maybe some peppers and bacon.

Sammy’s Sandwich Shop in Woodlawn (4921 Messer Airport Hwy Birmingham, AL  35212)  is hands down my favorite place for a cheeseburger.  In fact, I don’t ever try cheeseburgers anymore; I just go back to Sammy’s.  This hidden treasure of a diner is near the airport in Birmingham, AL.  You get off 59/20 at the airport exit and go away from the airport on Messer Airport Highway.  Go thru the second light and look for a little old shopping center on the left.  There is a small Dr Pepper sign that says Sammy’s Sandwich Shop.  They open early for breakfast but close around 3:30pm and they are closed Saturday and Sunday.  In other words – Weekday lunch spot.

sammys(3)The guy at the griddle is Johnny and the hostess is his wife Susan.  They also have a son there helping with the big lunch crowds.  You can sit at Johnny’s counter or enjoy a midcentury booth.  The power company guys will be devouring the daily special but don’t be tempted to order anything but what you came in for, the large cheeseburger, all the way.

If you watch Johnny you will see him fashion each patty from a tub of beef he keeps in the fridge next to the griddle.  He applies a special sauce and spices as it cooks and he also keeps some bacon, onion and peppers diced and ready to griddle up as a topping.  They use a large soft Merita bun and fresh, local and organic lettuce and tomato.   I usually count the napkins I use and seldom can I keep it under a dozen.  It’s the best tasting juiciest burger in the world.  I promise you will come back.  You will be tempted to try a beef rider but remember why you came to Sammy’s and order another cheeseburger.


Sammy’s Sandwich Shop – 4921 Messer Airport Hwy Birmingham, AL  35212 – 205-591-1462

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  1. Legend has it that half a Sammy’s large cheeseburger will feed four children. What say you O’ Admin of Gastronomical Greatness?

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