The Ruben at Max’s Deli in the Colonnade (Colonial Town Center Colonnade)

I had the Ruben for lunch today and forgot to get photos.  It has to be the best Ruben south of the Carnegie Deli.  Max’s is only  a year or so old but these guy’s lay it on thick.  You might be shocked at the $9.99 price tag but if your in here at 12:15pm and can’t get a table you will realize it’s worth the money.  I am not a ruben expert but I think they use a rye that is very mild with no seeds.  If its not Rye it is sourdough or as I see it – buttered toast.  It has that salad dressing on it and sour kraut.  None of that matters.  It’s the piled high corned beef that brings me back, over and over.  The beef is like butter.  Soft and tender, if you can get it in your mouth it just melts.

The resturant is really cool.  It’s next to Johnny Ray’s where Lenny’s was.  They have great PR and always have a special.  Sometimes they will do a Ruben 2 for 1!  The first time I ate here I thought they were doomed – too expensive and too hard to find.  I am glad to say in our free market economy hard work and quality always get rewarded.  This place will be here for a long time.

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